Be quiet! and more Schwarzkopf…

LCS has done films for be quiet!, CBR Fashion Holding, as well as producing another film for Schwarzkopf. He also continued writing and art directing director’s interpretations for commercial directors and production companies.

All through October and November LCS worked on seven films for the launch of this campaign. He produced two product films and five Making-ofs.

LCS has also completed two films with undSchwieger, including a documentary about the launch of the online shop for the three CBR Fashion Holding brands Street One, Cecil and One Touch.

He was also very pleased to get to work for the first time with loved, a kempertrautmann subsidiary. He produced two films, which were presented at a pitch for a new client.

In December LCS enjoyed producing an image film for Schwarzkopf Professional brand Essensity. It’s the fifth film for SKP and the first for the Essensity subrange. The film was shot at Briese Studios in Hamburg.

LCS also continues to write and art direct director’s interpretations for various international commercial directors and production companies.

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