Fields of Work

LCS develops concepts and stories for audiovisual content. He also writes, produces and directs films.

Image Films

Portraying people, brands and products in an aesthetically pleasing and stylised way, positioning them in attractive contexts. Giving meaning, purpose and value to why they exist, making the target audience identify.

Corporate Films

Exploring, visualizing and transmitting corporate identity, marketing and promoting the culture and history of a company, portraying its mission, vision and strategic orientation. Documenting internal work dynamics, production technologies, management structures and operational goals. Featuring the role of people in change processes.

Creative Consultant

Consulting ad agencies, production companies and directors on the execution of TV commercials. Coming up with creative concepts, developing characters, narratives and visual styles according to marketing strategies and creative briefs.

Behind the Scenes

Capturing and promoting events, documenting creative processes and professional work dynamics. Present events, happenings and communal or individual efforts in a marketable way.