Sternburg goes to the museum, LCS goes to Lisbon

LCS joined upgrade advertising and photographer Jörg Brüggemann on a sunny trip to Lisbon in late May for an agil and refreshingly improvised production for Pierre Cardin. The filmed material is currently getting put together and the outcome will be LCS‘ first fashionfilm.

In early May LCS started filming a nice little project with Ogilvy Berlin and their client Sternburg. First stop was a shoot at the Museum der Bildenden Künste in Leipzig, with more cities and exciting events to come. Stay tuned!

The corporate film LCS made for B.Braun/Aesculap last year finally got a release on the web. Watch it here.

In the past few weeks, LCS has been writing and developing TV-campaigns for commercial directors and production companies, such as who’s mcqueen, E&P Commercials, Bigfish and Markenfilm.

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