Work for AIDA, Beiersdorf, Accenture and Carrera

It was an other great cooperation with Fluent AG for their client AIDA that saw Lars edit fifteen films for the 20 year AIDA Fan Campaign. CFS Krug brought the players back together, once more acting as agent and co-producer. Find the films here, here and here.

LCS has just finished a film that he has been working on these past months, promoting the Beiersdorf BEYOND BORDERS International Graduate Trainee Program and is currently working on a second film with the Beiersdorf recruiting team. A third project with Beiersdorf saw LCS make a film for Nivea Men, honouring and promoting the launch of their cooperation with in China.

LCS also recently has had the opportunity to shoot and produce two more films for dgroup. One can be seen here and the other was presented at an event, where the acquisition of dgroup by accenture was officially announced to staff and press. For these projects, LCS worked closely with the dgroup management board, as well as getting a chance to interview board members of various large corporations. It’s been exciting times for the consultancy that drives digital transformation and LCS is glad to have been part of it.

In July LCS was also booked to produce a film about a stellar Carrera release event at New York Loft in Hamburg. Watch it here.

The videos LCS shot for McCann and their client L’Oréal in Düsseldorf back in February can now be seen in the L’Oréal Paris lounge or here, here and here.


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