Oberberg, Accenture and Joachim Herz Stiftung

LCS is continuing his work with dgroup/ Accenture, making various strategically used pitch-, positioning and ‚how to‘ videos.

In December LCS was asked to produce a mission/ vision statement video for the newly formed Oberberggruppe. The production lasted 5 days and included traveling to 8 locations all around Germany. The resulting video was used as a kick-off communication for an entirely new marketing strategy, currently being developed and implemented for the Oberberggruppe by WPK Strategy.

The recruiting videos LCS made as part of a brand marketing campaign for Accenture last year finally got their release. Watch 3 of the splendid video portraits on youtube: Max, Alexander and Rebecca, or directly on the Accenture website, here or here.

The video portrait of two grips gewinnt grant recipients LCS made for Joachim Herz Stiftung at the end of last year can now be seen on youtube and directly on the grips gewinnt website.

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