Oberberg, Werner and Accenture

Over the summer LCS developed, produced and shot 8 films for the Oberbergkliniken, portraying the work of over 70 protagonists. The shoot lasted 20 days and the production required traveling to the Oberberg clinics all around Germany repeatedly. Production support came from Always Everything and CFS Krug and the fotos were skillfully taken by Wolfgang Stahr. WPK Strategy and Seven Squared made this incredible journey possible. Thanks to the whole crew and all the fabulous collaborators in the clinics. The films are currently being finalised and will be online shortly. Stay tuned.

In September LCS joined Loerke PR at the Werner Rennen in Hartenholm to videoportrait their involvment at the festival and in June LCS was asked to make a film about the different social engagements an other Loerke PR client, Meridian, is having.

In August LCS helped dgroup/ Accenture transition and reposition, by making a video that emotionally summed up the operational changes that were implemented since becoming part of Accenture. Prior to that, in June, LCS had made a purpose video/ imagefilm for dgroup/ Accenture, focusing on the special features of the unique dgroup mentality and identity.

Oberberg, Accenture and Joachim Herz Stiftung

LCS is continuing his work with dgroup/ Accenture, making various strategically used pitch-, positioning and ‚how to‘ videos.

In December LCS was asked to produce a mission/ vision statement video for the newly formed Oberberggruppe. The production lasted 5 days and included traveling to 8 locations all around Germany. The resulting video was used as a kick-off communication for an entirely new marketing strategy, currently being developed and implemented for the Oberberggruppe by WPK Strategy.

The recruiting videos LCS made as part of a brand marketing campaign for Accenture last year finally got their release. Watch 3 of the splendid video portraits on youtube: Max, Alexander and Rebecca, or directly on the Accenture website, here or here.

The video portrait of two grips gewinnt grant recipients LCS made for Joachim Herz Stiftung at the end of last year can now be seen on youtube and directly on the grips gewinnt website.

Accenture, Joachim Herz Stiftung and World of Heroes

During the past months LCS has been working on 5 Imagefilms for Accenture. The production included traveling to the Swiss Alps and all around Germany in order to portrait some of the most inspiring people working at the company. Stay tuned for more.

In October LCS was commissioned by the Joachim Herz Stiftung to make an emotional storytelling film about two recipients of the grips gewinnt grant. For LCS, this has been the second collaboration with the foundation.

Last August LCS cooperated with Agentur UWE on their World of Heroes project, putting together this video. Thanks to CFS Krug for being the connecting link in this collaboration.

In July LCS was asked to make the new Inside China Summit teaser for dgroup. Watch it here.

Accenture, Glenfiddich and TUI Cruises

The productive collaboration with dgroup/ Accenture continues for LCS, bringing forth four films for pharmaceutical firm Merck in September and October, as well as two recruiting films for Accenture in November. In Dezember the shooting of four more films started. Stay tuned for video portraits of Accenture staff members getting their release in spring.

The film LCS made for TUI Cruises is now online here, here and here. And there are two more films that contain footage from our shoot in Italy, France and Spain last August. Watch them here and here.

LCS was also asked to shoot and produce ten videos for Glenfiddich in September. We had a fun time on set with four great Glenfiddich Mavericks. The agency that made it happen was Hopf Strategie.

Accenture, Joachim Herz Stiftung and TUI Cruises

Throughout the summer, LCS has been working on a variety of projects with the fabulous people at dgroup/ Accenture. In June, an other pitchfilm was made, this time for Schwarzkopf Professional, breaking down the benefits of a new digital platform for hairdressers. As part of a planed series of vlog interviews with business leaders about digital transformation, LCS once more got to interview Dr. Rainer Hillebrand, member of the board at the Otto Group.

Next, LCS documented the D20 Sino-German Digital Leadership Forum, which took part in July only a day after the G20 in Hamburg had ended. LCS produced a total of ten interview films and one behind the scenes of the event. Watch the moodfilm here. LCS is also currently working on some pitchfilms for Merck.

As part of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, the Joachim Herz Stiftung and the German Finance Ministry invited 20 Students from 13 different countries to partake in a Global Classroom on 3 days in July, in order to discuss global challenges and innovative solutions. LCS made 2 documentaries about this happening. Watch them here and here.

In August, LCS got his share of sun and summertime on a boat in the Mediterranean sea, filming for TUI Cruises, making a video that promotes their land excursions. The production lasted six days, with a different port and two to three different locations each day. The film was shot with three cameras and four very cool best ager models. What a great experience! Stay tuned for the edit coming soon.