Work for AIDA, Beiersdorf, Accenture and Carrera

It was an other great cooperation with Fluent AG for their client AIDA that saw Lars edit fifteen films for the 20 year AIDA Fan Campaign. CFS Krug brought the players back together, once more acting as agent and co-producer. Find the films here, here and here.

LCS has just finished a film that he has been working on these past months, promoting the Beiersdorf BEYOND BORDERS International Graduate Trainee Program and is currently working on a second film with the Beiersdorf recruiting team. A third project with Beiersdorf saw LCS make a film for Nivea Men, honouring and promoting the launch of their cooperation with in China.

LCS also recently has had the opportunity to shoot and produce two more films for dgroup. One can be seen here and the other was presented at an event, where the acquisition of dgroup by accenture was officially announced to staff and press. For these projects, LCS worked closely with the dgroup management board, as well as getting a chance to interview board members of various large corporations. It’s been exciting times for the consultancy that drives digital transformation and LCS is glad to have been part of it.

In July LCS was also booked to produce a film about a stellar Carrera release event at New York Loft in Hamburg. Watch it here.

The videos LCS shot for McCann and their client L’Oréal in Düsseldorf back in February can now be seen in the L’Oréal Paris lounge or here, here and here.


Work for Indola, Nivea, L’Oréal and Aida…

The year started swell, with some more cool work for Indola, for whom LCS shot and edited an international imagefilm in January and then made six country adaptations (Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, UK, Benelux) of the film. Also watch the four episode educational film LCS shot last November for Indola here.

LCS was then booked to join BLM on a production with pop-star Helene Fischer for Tchibo. Commercials director Matthias Bierer helmed the project and the outcome was a prank video that proved to be quite successful on the internet, with LCS shooting a good part of the final footage in the spot. Watch it here.

Thanks to Fluent AG and CFS Krug for returning to LCS for some editing work on these fun films for an awsome sweepstake from AIDA: Was’n das? Begriff 1, Was’n das? Begriff 2, Was’n das? Begriff 3, Was’n das? Begriff 4.

It was quickly on to the next project, which saw LCS produce a film about the digital transformation at Beiersdorf. The films objective is to shed light on the work of ‘Bauhaus’, a new global business unit made up of Beiersdorf agents, as well as external partners and digital consulting agencies. Also known as ‘The Digital Factory’, this unit is currently building the new worldwide digital infrastructure and ecosystem for Nivea. Thanks to d-group for getting LCS on board of this exciting project.

In early March LCS had the opportunity to shoot six videos for McCann and their client L’Oréal in Düsseldorf. The films are currently in post production at Secret Media Filmproduktion, who also handled the production. Stay tuned for more.

Wella, Indola and some editing jobs

In late November the fantastic people from Indola invited LCS to shoot an imagefilm about their new Kera Bond product at the ASK Academy in Hamburg.

It was another great shoot for Wella Professionals in late September. LCS shot 9 new hair tutorials at aplanat in Hamburg. The films were conceived as part of the Wella #CraftFriday series, which sees a tutorial released every Friday on the Wella Professionals YouTube Channel. Thanks to superb SelectNY Hamburg and everyone involved.

Between October and December LCS also successfully completed editing jobs for Fluent AG, Oliver Voss and dgroup, finishing a total of 8 films. Thanks to CFS Krug for making these jobs possible.

These past months LCS also wrote treatments for commercial directors and film productions such as Tempomedia and Big Fish.

London with Wella

It was off to London in July for some more intense and fun shooting for Wella Professionals. Together with the fine people from SelectNY Hamburg LCS shot 9 hair styling tutorials at the Shoreditch studios of jjLocations. Creatives came in from all over the world, so the atmosphere on set was vibrant and stimulating. The films were conceived as part of the Wella #CraftFriday series, which sees a tutorial released every Friday on the Wella Professionals YouTube Channel. Thanks to everyone involved.

These past months LCS also wrote treatments for commercial directors and film productions such as Cobblestone, Bears Calling, E&P Films and Big Fish.

World Press Photo and Wella

Throughout March and April LCS had the pleasure of working on a special project with Serviceplan, which took him to Munich and Chemnitz, documenting how exclusive World Press Photo 2015 yearbooks were getting printed and hand crafted in a unique and groundbreaking technical process. Watch the film here.

At the end of March LCS headed up a small, exquisite production team, to direct 6 styling tutorials for Wella Professionals on a two day shoot at Highnoon Studios in Hamburg. Check the films here as they get released over the next few weeks.

The INDOLA Smart Street Style Collection 2015 brandfilm LCS shot last year is now online. Check it here.